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For Teachers Who Want a Change

Course 1: Preparing For Change

Finding your focus

Course Description

If you are an educator seeking to transition to a new role, you are likely wondering what roles might be available. You may have looked at job openings and wondered what the job titles even mean, and whether you would have the skills needed to do the job. (The answer to that is yes.)

In this course, we will explore over a dozen roles available to former educators in the corporate world, with a special focus on EdTech and educational publishing. You will reflect on what you need and want from a new role and what will match your unique skill set and situation. From there we will explore what different roles do on a daily basis, special considerations for each role,  key vocabulary to understand the job descriptions, expected salary ranges, and even how you might be evaluated in each position. We will explore roles such as…

Customer Success Manager

Instructional / Learning Designer

Account Executive

Content Writer

Implementation Specialist

and many more.

You will leave this course understanding many different corporate roles and knowing which ones will best fit you. Having this area of focus will help you hone in on the exact right position for you.

Testimonials for Preparing for Change

Eva Brown’s course, “Preparing for Change”, was extremely insightful, helpful, and enlightening! Prior to enrolling in her course, I was unaware of the various roles within the edtech realm. This course thoroughly reviewed a variety of career options as well as the job descriptions and salary ranges that went along with each specific role. As a result, I have now decided how I would like to pursue my own career change path going forward.

Thank you, Eva!

This has been a pivotal life moment for me. Eva Brown led me to understand the vast opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom. Her sessions are powerful, informative, transparent, and transformative! I left with a refined sense of what direction to take on this new career journey and a boldness for the possibilities that await me.


I took so many notes during Eva’s presentation and came away from the course knowing that I wanted to pursue a role in instructional design. It really helped me speed up my job search to have a focus. When I got my new role, I could point back to Eva’s course as one reason for my success.


Wow! Just wow! Eva Brown’s course to help prepare teachers for the transition from the classroom to the corporate world was amazing! I had done lots of research myself ahead of time and thought I had a good handle on my options. I so wish I had this course first to save me so much time! She packed so much info into this course in a very consumable way that is so valuable. The reflection questions are power guides and the end-of-lesson extra resources are worth the cost alone. Very highly recommend!


Course 2: On the Hunt

course description 

Have you already determined your area of focus and what roles would be the best to pursue? Are you ready to start applying for jobs but not sure about how to navigate all the steps in the hunt for a job? On the Hunt is for you!

Through six different modules of learning, you will… 

  1. Identify hard and soft skills and learn how to translate those onto your resume,
  2. Explore business terminology so you can confidently speak during interviews,
  3. Tweak your resume to get it through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and into the hands of the HR team,
  4. Review how to set up and maximize the use of your LinkedIn profile,
  5. Explore and prepare for interview questions, and
  6.  Discover how to continue growing right where you are while you wait for your next right step

You will leave this course ready for the job hunt and much more confident to speak to and show off the value you can bring to the corporate world.



Testimonials for On the Hunt

It was so helpful to hear about transferable soft skills and how to highlight them in my resume, cover letter, and during interviews. Every session has been so helpful and contained actionable steps to use immediately! I highly recommend Eva’s course. She clearly puts so much work into them and provides valuable resources as “take aways.” You will learn what options are available for transitioning out of the classroom and how to go after the job you want.


 Before taking this course, I felt incredibly overwhelmed by the job search process. Now I am feeling more confident about expressing my transferable skills, interviewing, and landing a great job (not just any job)! One of the most helpful parts was the lesson on interviewing. It was very concrete!

I would recommend this course to any teacher who has a pretty good idea of what path they are looking to go down post-teaching and who needs support with logistics and becoming more fluent with corporate language.

 Thank you, Eva! This course was amazing!


If you need help finding out how your teaching skills translate into prospering in the corporate world, this course is for you! I now have the tools to see open positions and know how to apply for roles outside the classroom.




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