What Other Jobs Can Teachers Do?

by | Nov 7, 2023

Asking, “What other jobs can teachers do?” is the wrong question. Teachers are humans. Would you ask, “What other jobs can humans do?” Of course not! Teachers do have particular experience and knowledge gained over time. But what other jobs can teachers do? Any other job – as long as they have the desire, interest, and skills for those positions. The knowledge and experience will come with time.

The soft skills that teachers have will depend on the individual teacher. Some teachers have excellent time management and organizational skills. Others are fantastic at analyzing data to tell a story, leadership, public speaking, or facilitating.

Stop asking what other teachers can do! Teachers – as an entire group – cannot be lumped into one category. There are not just a few jobs out there that teachers can do. It’s all about what interests you have, what you need and desire for a working situation, what skills you have, and what skills you are able to learn. (And no, I do not mean going to get another degree.)

Do you hear me? You can do any other job. It may require some learning. It may require some time. You have already proven, however, that you are capable of learning new skills and knowledge.

So, what’s next? That’s up to you.

Possible Jobs You Might Consider

  1. Do you want to keep working with children? Consider:
    • Online tutoring (or opening your own tutoring business)
    • Becoming a special education advocate for children and families
    • Becoming a licensed mental health counselor (I have a friend who did this. She now creates her own schedule, works from her home, and makes more money than she ever did before.)
    • Working as an office assistant for a pediatrician’s office
    • Joining the education division of a local theater, theme park, aquarium, or other local attraction
  2. Do you love to teach but just need out of the classroom? Consider:
    • Corporate trainer positions if you are comfortable teaching adults
    • Professional learning consultant or education consulting positions
    • Instructional coaching (to help other teachers). As a former instructional coach, I love Jim Knight’s coaching method.
    • Higher education positions
    • Working in a museum
  3. Do you want to break into the EdTech world using your knowledge about education? Consider:
    • Being an Implementation Specialist
    • Working to support customers as a Customer Success Manager
    • Working for sales or customer enablement
  4. Want to still have an effect on education but need out of teaching entirely? Consider:
    • Educational research or reform
    • Instructional design
    • Curriculum writing
  5. Do you need a break from education entirely?
    • Love to shop? Have you considered being a personal shopper?
    • Pursuing your other dream job – veterinary technician, nursing, performing, journalism/content writing, coding (The CEO of one EdTech company I know was a former science teacher who created the platform because of a need he saw in his classroom.)
    • Being an event planner or working as a community engagement specialist
    • Project management – which can lead in many different directions

My point is, dream big! Don’t ask, “What other jobs can teachers do?” Ask, “What other jobs might I love to do?” Start there. You can’t google that question and find an answer. You alone know the answer.


Want help with this? Consider my Preparing for Change course. This course introduces you to over a dozen roles in the corporate world and is designed to help you determine what roles fit your interests, passions, and work-life needs. Or join my Facebook group for transitioning teachers. You can also subscribe to my newsletter to learn more about upcoming events.


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